Steve Diamant

I am a passionate communicator with over 3 years of experience gained in digital transformation consulting and in communications/events.


I currently work at Mantu as a Social Media Manager in Barcelona.


What fascinates me the most about communication is the ability to create meaningful experiences, and the infinite possibilities to deliver messages today.

I value creativity, curiosity, and enthusiasm.





Social Media



What you can find in my suitcase

My areas of skills and interests



Wireframing tools

Social media tools

Social media analytics


Websites coordination

Social Media strategy

Inbound Marketing


Paid media

Outbound Marketing



Events Communcations



Office suite


Business transformation

Experience Design


Production of communications material

Brand activation


Positioning/value proposition





Negotiation skills




Stay updated on new technologies

Photoshop basics

Google Analytics


Digital transformation

Facebook/Twitter Business Manager



of new tools


My morning self-talk

Over the past years, I have collected hundreds of quotes, videos, thoughts... that helped me understand who I am and who I want to be. I have written them down in forms of affirmations, and every morning, I read them to myself. These affirmations became my core beliefs and my compass on how to approach life and work. During my job search, I have decided to share some of them with you.

Curiosity plays an important role in my life. I constantly feel the need to question, to know more about people and about myself. This translates into:

-Asking (lots and lots of) questions


-Learning new things

-Meeting new people

-Discovering new things

-Tasting new foods -Being open to trying new products 


Problem solvers, out of the box thinkers curious people love to constantly look for new and creative solutions to existing problems.

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